New Omni Commands

The latest version (1.6.9) of our extension Omni, brings new commands and command autocompletion when you type /.

Reminder: To surface Omni on any page, hit alt + k (MacOS users: option + k).

The available commands are:

/g - Navigate to an alias

Aliases are shortcuts for hard to type or memorize links. You may create an alias via or `/t alias <url>` in the Slack app.

You can surface Omni with /g directly by hitting alt + a (MacOS users: option + a)..

The video below demonstrates how to use this command.

/t - Switch between open tabs

With many tabs open, it can be hard to distinguish which one is which. Type /t and all your tabs will be listed. Type to filter results and press enter to switch to the selected tab.

See this command in action:

/j - Jump to recent history

Frequently switching between a bunch of links? /j to the rescue!

Type /j and the most recently visited links will appear, you may type to filter the results and press enter to navigate to the selected link.


/open - Open links matching a tag or list in a new window

This command enables you to quickly browse the contents of a list or any links having a tag. Type /open in Omni and all your tags and lists will appear, select one and the matching links will open in a new window.

/b - Search in bookmarks only

By default Omni searches in your history, tabs and bookmarks. You can restrict it to bookmarks only with this command.

/s - Search using a search engine

While you have to select a default search engine for your browser, this command gives you the chance to pick a search engine on the fly. Type /s and your query and pick the engine to lookup the query into.